Choose BABO, to maintain true color of natural world, to live simple life

  • Source - traceable and safe
    Babo researched high-yield Bamboo "BABO No. 1" certified by FSC®, to help 1 million bamboo farmers                            increase income.
  • Produce - 100% native bamboo pulp
    Babo uses 100% native bamboo pulp, no bleaching, no fluorescence, no harmful chemical additive.
  • Recycle - Sustainable development
    Babo advocates "replacing plastic with bamboo" and builds a green industrial chain with other                            enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

BABO - bringing you the revolution of household paper.

Dedicated to harnessing the power of natural bamboo fiber, we're leading a new era of eco-friendliness in everyday products. Be part of this transformative journey

Product endorsement
Zero trees, maintain true color of nature.
Help bamboo farmers living in the mountains live a better life.