Brand Story

Brand Concept

renewable, recyclable and degradable

Simple, moderate —

Simple life, moderate enjoyment

It is a way of life that reveres nature and has moderate needs, a way of life that is green and environmentally friendly, and perfectly embodies the love for life on a piece of natural paper.

Raw material —

replacing wood with bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most vibrant plants on earth, which grows rapidly. A 20-meter-tall needle tree takes 60 years to grow, while a 20-meter-tall bamboo only takes 60 days.

Production —

originating from nature and attributed to nature

From collecting natural bamboo species to manufacturing natural paper and to recycling, without increasing burden, BABO let this process become a beautiful cycle.

Process —

technological breakthrough and innovation

The application of biomass refining technology improves the utilization rate of raw materials and preserves the beneficial substances in bamboo fiber materials.

Standard —

environmentally friendly

BABO adopts advanced technology and intelligent information system, to create the highest environmental managemert standards in China.